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…for Jacob and Zachary

When you were born, I put my career on hold for a while. Lots of women do this – it wasn’t easy, but you two remarkable young men show me every day it was the best decision of my life.

Building back up to where I left off took twelve long years.

Another four to surpass even my wildest dreams.

I’m now a leader in a nationwide movement and everything I’ve ever wanted to be. I realize how lucky I am.

During those full-time mommy years, writing was my outlet. Gigs as an award-winning columnist and syndicated writer allowed me to explore motherhood, politics and popular culture. I could express myself in a way that helped me learn and grow.

Transitioning out of writing to focus full-time on my career, family and other interests, I feel enormous gratitude for all the wonderful editors who worked with me throughout the years. I also want you to know a bit about your early years and family history.

Here’s some of my work. I hope you find it entertaining and informative as you grow to take on the world.

I love you.